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Our company is doing export dealers and sales of the Japanese used cars of the right-hand drive used in Japan, and a Japan used trucks and heavy trucks.
Our company sell compleat second hand commercial heavy trucks, dump trucks, box body trucks, wing body truks, light trucks, sedan, 4x4, minibus, saloon cars, to all small vehicles.
Because my company sell only cheap and good condition commercial trucks and small vehicles .
We are popular world wide.
the privilege of our company also carried out follow of an after parts to those who had the vehicle purchased from our company it obtains.
I sell a new article part to the direction which purchased the car in our company by 10% discount of price.
In that case, please pay a mailing cost of a customer.
I do not do sale of a part to those who purchased the car except our company.

First of all, please ask by e-mail.
Please give me an inquiry by telephone 24hour 365days OK.
The special interpreter is prepared.
I can looking for your order vehicles if there is not my stock.
A private importer and a private buyer WELCOME.

E-mail : usedtruck@130rider.com

My company business condition only cash T/T.
British Pound (GBP) and the payment with the currency of each others country are possible, too.
Dealings of a check and L/C are not conducted.
FOB price is only vehicle price.
CIF price is total price.(vehicle price and vessel cost and insurance)
CIF price is all including

I can get if there is not my stock..


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